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This product is Powered By Jason Stoupas, the founder of HUSLA Coaching, HUSLA Lifting, HUSLA Gym and HUSLA Media, he is giving away his online coaching platform which allowed him to grow his coaching brand to be profitable enough to start HUSLA Lifting and HUSLA Gym. It all started by having a structured back-end business platform that helped to achieve this success.

"I'm sure this platform can help get your business to multi 6 figures if you use it correctly"

What it comes with:

  • Client Dashboard
  • New Program Reminder
  • Fitness Business Network Contact List
  • Sole Trader Cashflow Tracker 
  • Company Structure Cashflow Tracker
  • Leads / Churn Tracker
  • Initial Questionaire
  • Training Overview
  • Meal Plan/Food Diary Overview + Goals
  • Meal Plan Template
  • Food Diary
  • Nutrition
  • Warm-up 
  • Efficient Lifting Programming
  • Athletic Development Programming
  • Exercise Database Template
  • Nutrition Tracking Guide Resource Template For Client Education
  • Progress Photo & Measurements Tracker

You are able to change the colours in this spreadsheet with a click of a button. We have built in a code that will enable this feature so you can brand this to suit your business :)

5 years of resources and countless hours of work have gone into this.

If you're shifting online or still working in person or doing both, it doesn't matter, this platform will improve your:

  • Customer experience
  • Your efficiency
  • Your Cashflow tracking
  • Understanding of your business
  • Systems and processes

This isn't a simple business resource that just tells you to increase your rate and reduce your expenses, this is a full back-end and front-end upgrade. You will see/use it and your clients will see/use it.

This is what got HUSLA to what it is today!

It is recommended that this platform be purchased and implemented under the guidance of Jason Stoupas. He recommends at least x4 1.5-hour calls are used to implement this platform, assess your business and provide you the guidance you need to achieve your business goals. This DOES NOT include the calls but they can easily be added on by emailing

If you have questions email

Once you purchase you will get an email with the sheets and instructions - This would be within 24 hours on weekdays

Customer Reviews

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Online Coaching Platform Review

These google sheets that have been worked on by Jason have been a big game changer for me! I find it super easy to write and update programs for my clients and make small changes on the go if need be. Not only that, but my clients also love them. I used to use a very easy and straight forward app to deliver my programs and i thought it may be a bit trickier for my clients to use, even my older clients but I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from everyone! Definitely look into these sheets if you’re looking to upgrade your coaching business.

Online Coaching Platform

I've felt so much more in control of my business ever since I started using this platform. It's easy to use and gives me a complete overview of how my business is operating. Not only does it help me deliver a better coaching service, but I'm also able to make better decisions to grow my business because I have the data to back me up.

On top of that, the calls with Jason have been a massive help. His knowledge and support have helped me improve all areas of my business. Highly recommend this platform.

Bradey Deaton
Online coaching platform

The online coaching platform is easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It is worth so much more than what you pay for it and every client I’ve got that has used it has be blown away with how good it is and how much value they get from it.

It was taking me so long trying to set up my own online coaching service and I honestly believe this has saved me years of tedious set up work and has given me back the time to coach and make a living.

On top of the platform itself being the highest quality Jason himself is a legend. He’s very patient and has the knowledge and drive to set you up with the highest quality service you can.

I can’t recommend this enough!